What is essential for an online business to grow reliably?

Making Your Project Successful

We aim to deliver exceptional customer service and user experiences. To do this, we developed a system that allows us to create custom-tailored apps and partnerships that fuel successful projects and processes.

What We Focus On

Compelling & Creative Design

KDN Solutions specializes in custom, interactive website design and development. We can design your website to be consistent with your company’s brand image, or help you create an entirely new corporate identity. By choosing KDN Solutions to handle your creative needs, you’ll benefit from constant quality and the ease of coordinating projects with a single vendor.

Innovative & Cutting-Edge Technology

KDN Solutions utilizes the latest technologies that are both proven and practical. Our mission is to make the process easier for you: we provide our clients with the right tools for Web Development, hosting, ecommerce, security, content management, and search engine marketing.

Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals

Like anything in business, making a decision often comes down to the return on investment (ROI). If your goal is to generate more revenue, get more customers, or increase profit margins, KDN Solutions’ approach to Internet Marketing can get you there. KDN Solutions isn’t just about design; we’re dedicated to solutions with a purpose.

Website Design
Marketing & Development

We’re focused on creative and results-driven solutions. Whether it’s to increase profits, provide support, sell products or promote your brand, allow our web design services to bring your company front and center.

Your website is often the first and most frequent interface with your clients and prospects, so the experience must be positive, productive and true to brand. We work with you at all stages of web development to ensure the site fully integrates with other marketing and provides an optimal user experience.

To ensure efficiency, we employ the latest web technologies, including robust content management systems that allow you to easily update the site with a click of a button. Additional features include web analytics to help you monitor your site’s activity, responsive design for optimal mobile experiences, integrated blogs, advanced cross-linked content to improve engagement, and more.

We are prepared to bring our knowledge and experience to your next digital project with unparalleled value on building long-term relationships, providing superb customer service and developing high-quality web-based solutions.

Software Development

KDN Solutions custom software development division provides dedicated groups of highly-skilled and creative programmers. We deliver custom software application and mobile solutions, run software testing, perform in-depth product analyses, and provide technology management, support and expertise.

Our platform lies in providing the perfect software application developers to operate as an extension of the client’s own employees – both onshore and off/near-shore. Whatever your startup or enterprise development challenge or requirement might be, we have the right technology and the perfect solution.

Solving technological challenges for our startup clients as well as enterprise companies is the essence of the KDN Solutions approach when it comes to application development services.

With the level of innovation and quality we put into every one of our apps, we can strengthen the relationship with your on-the-go customer and improve overall user experience on their mobile devices. Your team of KDN Solutions developers will help choose technologies and service solutions that make sense for you and your enterprise.

Best SEO Practices

We never engage in black hat techniques. While these forbidden tactics may offer short wins, the penalties associated can wreak havoc on your most important rankings in the long-term. We stay on top of trends in the ever-changing SEO space.

We never leave potential opportunities on the table, and always keep your core objectives in focus.

Our SEO and other digital marketing efforts are driven by data and built on results. At the end of the day, you want more customers and more sales, so we don’t keep the focus solely on “more traffic” or “more Facebook likes” and other data points which, alone, are virtually meaningless.

We want to help you get the most value for your marketing budget, and we’ll do this by providing clear strategies to leverage multiple marketing channels to create a unified approach designed to gain market share.


Worldwide coverage • Superb connectivity

Our unique infrastructure is based on 100 nodes located on 5 continents. Our network has great connectivity and that makes us able to deliver content with excellent performance around the world. We’re the website hosting services provider who offers the very best hardware, software, network and configurations.


Defending your business against cyber threats without interrupting processes and at no additional infrastructure costs.
Defending your business against cyber threats without interrupting processes and at no additional infrastructure costs. We provide hardware and software suite able to reflect DDoS attacks of any complexity and volume. To get protection, you will only have to configure DNS record. Thus, you save a lot of time, nerves and money.
We detect and cut off even single requests coming from bots. Highly accurate bot detection helps in reflecting low-frequency application-layer attacks and protecting resources from parsing and brute force. Guaranteed availability of your resources is at least 99.5 %. We will refund you in case we are not able to protect.

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